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Setsuna Yuki or Nana Nakagawa, is one of the 12 school idols in the Nijigasaki High School Idol Club. She is a second year at Nijigasaki High School. Her image color is red. She is a member of the subunit A・ZU・NA.

She is voice acted by Kusunoki Tomori.


A second-year at Nijigasaki and a rising star of the school idol world. Setsuna's energetic smile and great performances draw many eyes. She loves anime and manga, and if you get her talking about either, she won't stop. Since she's so busy with her idol work, she has urban-style rumors surrounding her, stating that no one has ever seen her on campus.


Setsuna is a distinctive girl with a bright and energetic smile. She's always eager to do her best, especially in school, so she studies as whenever she can and as soon as possible. She becomes energetic easily and is always full of vigor, and lights up whenever someone asks a question about her. She's also emotional and can become moved very easily.

Setsuna cares deeply about her friends and is very supportive towards them. She often energizes them and motivates them to do their best. She tries to encourage them to follow them dreams and loves to help them practice dancing and singing.

However, she does take her passion very seriously. Especially since she's a school idol, she's always looking to improve. She loves school idols and wants to share that with the world, and help others feel more comfortable talking about the things that they love.


bold represents songs in-game.


  • She continuously ate Kasumi's spicy bread since she had made it for her and Karin, even if it didn't taste too good.
  • She loves cooking, despite it not appearing so, but whenever she asks about how something tastes, she never gets a response.
  • She likes everything with school idols and knows almost everything about them.
  • She likes every subject in school except health class.
  • She loves anime, manga, and video games. She can get very excited about them and talk for a long time when asked about her favorite concepts.
  • The real reason she's never seen as a member of the student council is because she's disguised.
  • Her real name is actually Nakagawa Nana.
  • Her parents are very strict and don't support a lot of her interests. They even banned anime in her home so she can focus on her studies and grades.