Uehara Ayumu

Uehara Ayumu (Casual)

Uehara Ayumu (Uniform)

Uehara Ayumu (Idol)

Kanji 上原(うえはら) 歩夢(あゆむ)
Romaji Uehara Ayumu
Year 2nd Year
Birthday March 1
Zodiac Pisces
Blood Type A
Height 159 cm
Three Sizes B:82 W:58 H:84
Ayumu Signature
Ayumu Icon
Nijigasaki Club Icon
A・ZU・NA Icon
Japanese Voice Actress
Kanji 大西 亜玖璃
Romaji Onishi Aguri

Ayumu Uehara, (上原(うえはら) 歩夢(あゆむ)) is one of the 10 school idols in the Nijigasaki High School Idol Club. She is a second year at Nijigasaki High School. Her image color is light pink. She is a member of the subunit A・ZU・NA.

She is voice acted by Oonishi Aguri.

Description Edit

A second-year student at Nijigasaki High School, she's a hard worker who takes anything and everything on diligently. She started being a school idol at the suggestion of her childhood friend. She's a highly caring friend who always supports her beloved pal in her endeavors.

Personality Edit

Ayumu is a very collected and calm person, and puts her everything into the things she does to achieve her dreams. She is a hard worker who's full of heart, and deeply cherishes her childhood friend, who encouraged her to become a school idol.

She's not very skilled in her school idol activities, but she still tries her hardest to do her best. Though, at the times she becomes anxious, her friends come together to sooth and support her. She is also clumsy and is teased often by Kasumi and Karin. Being innocent and kind, she often repels their mischief purely, throwing the two off, even if she doesn't mean it. She cares deeply for the people around her and tries her best to be helpful.

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Trivia Edit

  • Her first name, Ayumu, translates to "step-dream".
  • Ayumu likes Pokémon, as confirmed by 4koma.
  • She loves to study fashion and other "girly" things.
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