Tang Keke
Tang Keke.png
Kanji 唐タ()可可(クゥクゥ)
Romaji Tan Kuukuu
Táng Kěkě (Pinyin)
Year 1st Year
Birthday July 17
Zodiac Cancer
Blood Type O
Height 159 cm
Favorite Food Napolitan
Choco Banana
Milk Tea
Keke Icon.png
Liella! Icon.png
Japanese Voice Actress
Kanji 黎狱
Romaji Liyuu

Keke Tang, (唐タ()可可(クゥクゥ)) is one of the five idol members of Liella!. She is a first year at Yuigaoka Girls' High School and her image color is aqua.

She is voice acted by Liyuu.

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