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Keke Tang, (唐タ()可可(クゥクゥ)) is one of the five idol members of Liella!. She is a first year at Yuigaoka Girls' High School and her image color is aqua.

She is voice acted by Liyuu.


N/A (Not in game.)


Keke was born and grew up in Shanghai, China. Eventually forming a strong love for school idols, she moved to Yuigaoka High School all on her own, and learned Japanese to the N1 level. Despite seeming being on her own, Japan is actually her mother's homeland.


Keke has a strong love for style and fashion, and enjoys spending her time looking for new clothing. She's a loving and fun-seeking girl, never seeming to run out of energy. She has a strong sweet-tooth after a certain saying that her mom taught her, and therefore often eats sweets when in a stressful or tense situation.


bold represents songs in-game, or that were in-game.


  • Keke is the first main character to be of Chinese decent.
    • The first is Ranpha (a side character in the Love Live! School Idol Festival game), while the third is Zhong Lanzhu.
  • She passed the JLPT N1 exam, making her very proficient in Japanese. Though, sometimes she does speak with an accent.
  • Her hair color is similar to many characters: Kotori, You, and Kasumi.