Love Live! All Stars! Wiki

Read through this page to find what is expected of you while editing this wiki. This includes information like card names, templates, song pages, character pages, and more.


When editing this wiki, please use American English. This includes words like color instead of colour, gray instead of grey, and other words like this.

The English translation of Love Live! can often have mistakes when referring to song titles, so do not change song titles to match those in the game. Use the romanizations that are given on this wiki and other websites like it.

Whenever referring to a character on a page, unless in their character overview or in story translations, use their ROMANIZED NAME, or how they would introduce themselves in Japanese. This means Last Name, First Name, for example: Uehara Ayumu or Kosaka Honoka.


It is very important that you name files accordingly while uploading. If the file name is incorrect, it will not show up on the pages it is supposed to.


Make sure to name card files as [card name].png and [card name] (Idolized).png, (example: Angel Sniper.png) and make sure you use the pre-idolized card name, as the idolized card name is most often the outfit name. According to these, the translations for Japanese released cards come from Idol Story.

When uploading icons, do the same thing, but just add Icon to the end: [card name] Icon.png and [card name] (Idolized) Icon.png. (example: Angel Sniper Icon.png).

When uploading transparent art, please add Transparent to the end: [card name] Transparent.png and [card name] (Idolized) Transparent.png, please DO NOT take transparent art from Idol Story. The art there has been made by multiple people and are not official! If you see transparent art that is from Idol Story, please delete it.

When uploading the sprite, which are fully credited to Kach Again, (please check out their amazing databases, as they put their own time and effort into it), name them as so: [card name] 2D Sprite.png and [card name] (Idolized) 2D Sprite.png and if there is a back to the sprite, name it: [card name] 2D Sprite Behind.png and [card name] (Idolized) 2D Sprite Behind.png.

When uploading the outfits, they are not named related to the Card but their own name. Name it as so: [outfit name] (Character First Name) Outfit.png (example: Aozora Jumping Heart (Ruby) Outfit.png)

Once the English files are released, all of the files related to those cards are renamed according to the new data.


Name the song covers as [song name romanized] (Cover).jpg. Please upload the covers AS THEY APPEAR IN THE GAME, not the actual album cover.

When naming the song specific titles, name them as [song name romanized] Title.png.

When uploading OGG files, name them like: [song name romanized].ogg and [song name romanized] (Off Vocal).ogg.

Event/Scouting Banners[]

When naming regular event banners that have their own name in Japanese, and is an event, name them as [event name] (Event).png. When it is a gacha in Japanese, name it [event name] (Gacha).png. If there are two gacha banners instead of one, name them [event name] (Gacha1).png and [event name] (Gacha2).png according to the card release.

When naming the English event banners, first go back and change the names of the Japanese Banners if the translation was different, and then upload the English Banners. Name them the same as the Japanese Banners, but add - EN afterwards. [event name] (Event - EN).png and [event name] (Gacha - EN).png are examples.

If it is a Spotlight Scouting/Idol Festa Gacha, if it's japanese, name it School Idol Festival - [month day] (Gacha) and if it is on EN, you do not need to add EN, just add the date: Spotlight Scouting - [month day] (Gacha).


When naming the song specific titles, name them as [song name romanized] Title.png. (Example: Arashi no Naka no Koi dakara Title.png).

When naming titles related to specific characters or groups, you need to add the star. Do it like this: [character first name] Fan [number of stars] Title.png. (Examples: Umi Fan ★ Title.png or Μuse Fan ★ Title.png)

When naming event titles, name them specific to what they are, like: [event name] 1st Title.png or [event name] Top 2000.png.


When naming items, name them like this: [item name] ([rarity]).png. (example: Striped Wristband Smile (R).png). If they have no rarity, then ignore that and just put the item name. When naming Memoria files, the name it as: [character first name] Memoria.png. (Example: Honoka Memoria.png)


For main characters, they will have three to four different files. For most characters, name them as [character name] (Casual).png, [character name] (Uniform).png, and [character name] (Idol).png. If they have two different idol sprites, then add 1 and 2 after the idol forms. (Example: Kosaka Honoka (Idol 1).png)

Character Pages[]

All character pages need to have the same format.


Start with the character name, bolded and italicized in the English way of introducing yourself, or First Name Last Name. (Example: Ayumu Uehara,), and afterwards, put the Japanese Name in parenthesis with the "Ruby1" Template to simplify the Japanese for people who cannot read it. (Example: (上原(うえはら) 歩夢(あゆむ))). and continue it with basic information, including the group they are in, their school year, their official image color, and their subunit if they have one.

Underneath this information, put the character's voice actor.

Character Template[]

For the color, put in the official character color if they have one. If they do not, put in the color as gray instead. Then fill in the fields provided. For the images, you must upload them according to the rules above. On the Nijigaku pages, the set-up goes Casual, Uniform, Idol. But on Muse and Aqours pages, it goes Idol 1, Idol 2, Uniform or just Idol 1, Uniform.


Each description is officially from the game and not edited in any way. If the character does not have a description in the game, then you do not need to add it to their page.


Give a brief overview of the character's personality and give examples of times they have acted that way.

Videos and Gallery[]

This is optional, so not all character pages have it yet. Here you can put anything related to the character itself, introduction videos and translations.


Here, list any song that the character is a part of. If the song is in the game, then bold it. When organizing the songs, start with solo songs, then duo/triple songs, then unit songs, and then group songs.


Any fun facts about the characters can be put here, from in or out of the game. Most of them will be from inside of the game.