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Kanon Shibuya, (澁谷(しぶや) かのん) is one of the five idol members of Liella!. She is a first year at Yuigaoka Girls' High School and her image color is orange.

She is voice acted by Date Sayuri.


N/A (Not in game.)


Kanon often helps out her mother in their family café by serving customers, though her favorite thing to do has always been singing. Her father works as a translator, and her grandmother is from Spain, making Kanon herself part Spanish.

Chisato is her childhood friend, and the two of them would often spend time together as children, while also playing with Kanon's pet owl Manmaru who is also the café's mascot.


Kanon is quite a soft-spoken and bashful girl, despite her dreams of singing. She gets flustered very quickly and is often quiet, not being very good at communicating with others. She enjoys singing and often listens to music through her headphones, singing or humming the lyrics of the tune.

She wants to be able to make others happy with her voice, and dreams of singing in front of them.


bold represents songs in-game, or that were in-game.


  • Kanon's orange hair seems to match the theme going on between the "lead" girls of each of the groups: Honoka, Chika, and Ayumu.