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Osaka Shizuku
Kanji 桜坂(おうさか) しずく
Romaji Ousaka Shizuku
Year 1st Year
Birthday April 3
Zodiac Aries
Blood Type A
Height 157 cm
Three Sizes B:80 W:58 H:83
Hobbies Theater
Shizuku Signature.png
Shizuku Icon.png
Nijigasaki Club Icon.png
A・ZU・NA Icon.png
Japanese Voice Actress
Kanji 前田 佳織里
Romaji Maeda Kaori

Shizuku Osaka, (桜坂(おうさか) しずく) is one of the 10 school idols in the Nijigasaki High School Idol Club. She is a first year at Nijigasaki High School. Her image color is light blue. She is a member of the subunit A・ZU・NA.

She is voice acted by Maeda Kaori.


A recent addition to Nijigasaki High School and first-year. A straight-laced star student, Shizuku is part of the theater club. She's athletic, but poor at ball sports. She wants to grow up to be an actress, and she seeks to use her school idol experience to that end.


Shizuku is an only child and comes from Kamakura, formally having attended Seiran High School. She transferred to Nijigasaki Academy even though she lives quite a ways away.

A calm and collected honors student who is considered a traditional Japanese beauty, often known to be too responsible. Because of this, she is known to take too much responsibility for herself. She's shy and often becomes flustered easily. However, she is still confident and able to stand up to others. She's often strict towards Kasumi, not happy with her lighthearted and teasing nature.

Shizuku loves dogs and acting, often seen rehearsing her lines before practicing her idols activities. She's very passionate and skilled at switching her character.

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Osaka Shizuku Self-Introduction

Introduction Translation (Team ONIBE)
  • Hello, everyone. I'm Shizuku Osaka.
  • I love performing plays, so I joined the theater club here.
  • We make our own costumes, and regularly put on plays for the public.
  • I became a school idol to get better at acting. But recently, a senior student I respect encouraged me, saying "Let's reach for a higher stage as school idols!", and I had a realization.
  • Plays and school idol activities are very similar: people come to enjoy themselves, to be moved, and to have us put smiles on their faces.
  • So from now on, I'll try even harder to become a better school idol!
  • With the acting skills I've learned from theater, I'll work diligently to make everyone smile.
  • I may not know much about being a school idol yet, but I'd be happy if you came to see me trying my hardest!
  • I'll be in your care!


bold represents songs in-game


  • She's in both the School Idol Club and the Theater Club.
  • She and Sonoda Umi were ranked the best singers between µ's and Nijigasaki. During a karaoke, Umi recieved 92 points while Shizuku recieved 83.