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Nishikino Maki (Idol 1)

Nishikino Maki (Idol 2)

Nishikino Maki (Uniform)

Kanji 西木野真姫
Romaji Nishikino Maki
Year 1st Year
Birthday April 19
Zodiac Aries
Blood Type AB
Height 161 cm
Three Sizes B:78 W:56 H:83
Favorite Food Tomatoes
Disliked Food Mikan
Hobbies Stargazing
Maki Signature
Maki Icon
Muse Icon
BiBi Icon
Japanese Voice Actress
Kanji 堀 絵梨子
Romaji Pile

Maki Nishikino, is one of the nine members of µ's. She is a first year in Otonokizaka High School. Her image color is red. She is also a member of BiBi, a sub-unit under µ's.

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Maki is a first year high school student whose parents run a large, successful hospital. She is known among her peers as an outstanding singer who is rather adept at playing the piano. She is high-handed to the point of arrogance and has difficulty expressing her feelings. She is quite courageous, never hesitating to incite an argument, even with her upperclassmen. Even so, she has a side that she keeps hidden as best she can-- she gets lonely very easily.

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