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Nakasu Kasumi
Kanji 中須(なかす) かすみ
Romaji Nakasu Kasumi
Year 1st Year
Birthday January 23
Zodiac Aquarius
Blood Type B
Height 155 cm
Three Sizes B:76 W:55 H:79
Kasumi Signature.png
Kasumi Icon.png
Nijigasaki Club Icon.png
QU4RTZ Icon.png
Japanese Voice Actress
Kanji 相良 茉優
Romaji Sagara Mayu

Kasumi Nakasu, (中須(なかす) かすみ) is one of the 10 school idols in the Nijigasaki High School Idol Club. She is a first year at Nijigasaki High School. Her image color is yellow. She is a member of QU4RTZ, a subunit under the Nijigasaki High School Idol Club.

She is voice acted by Sagara Mayu (相良 茉優).


A first-year at Nijigasaki High School. She loves cute things and admires school idols far more than the average person. She hates losing, and gets angry when people call her by her nickname, Kasukasu. She'll do all sorts of mischief to overcome her rivals, but often ends up doing what everyone else does.


Kasumi is a cutesy and energetic girl who focuses on becoming the top idol in Japan. Because of that goal, she despises loosing to anyone and will often resort to cheating or sabotage. Whenever she tries to come up with plans however, they often fail or aren't as bad as she believes they are. Due to this, she's often a sore loser.

Despite everything, Kasumi is a very kind and caring person. She'll often try to cheer up her friends when they're feeling down or just try to be kind. This is seen a lot when the girls are worried and Kasumi tries her best to be cheerful. Like when she tries to rile up the group to help Ayumu come over her nerves or encourage the others. She'll even exchange heartfelt Christmas gifts with the other members.

Videos + Gallery[]


Nakasu Kasumi Self-Introduction

Introduction Translation (Team ONIBE)
  • Hello-! It's everyone's idol, Kasumin!
  • I'm aiming to become Japan's top idol, so I'm working hard every day at my singing and dance lessons!
  • Of course, I'm also secretly working to become cuter~
  • I also send rivals scandalous information about them, and stealthily put bread rolls into their shoes: they're perfect crim- Wait, hold on, that's a secret!
  • C-cough!
  • A-anyway, this is Kasumin signing off; please support me!


bold represents songs in-game


  • She hates her nickname, KasuKasu (かすかす), a rough translation being "just barely" or "not quite". If called this, she'll be put in a bad mood.
  • She has the same height as Rin.
  • During the Nine Battles (Nijigaku VS µ's), she is told by her friends and µ's that she has a similar personality to Yazawa Nico.
  • Against her rivals, she'll often send scandalous information about them and puts bread rolls in their shoes.
  • She enjoys making bread and watching idol videos.
  • Her favorite school subjects are science and home economics, but she dislikes classical literature and history.