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Mifune Shioriko, (三船(みふね) 栞子(しおりこ)) is one of the 12 school idols in the Nijigasaki High School Idol Club. She is a first year at Nijigasaki High School, and the first member to join after the group was officially formed. Her image color is jade green, and she is part of R3BIRTH with Zhong Lanzhu and Mia Taylor.

She is voice acted by Koizumi Moeka.




Shioriko is the second eldest daughter of the well-known Mifune family. She is against Setsuna's leadership and ideals, challenging her for the position of student council president. As she comes from an educated and wealthy background, she believes that students should do activities that will allow them to succeed instead of things that they find as hobbies. She, in the end, says that if she does win, she'll disband the Nijigasaki High School Idol Club. She does become the student council president, succeeding Yuki Setsuna or Nakagawa Nana, but does not disband the club.

She is calm and is well-focused on her academics, always achieving high scores and managing her school life properly. Shioriko is good at telling people about what they're good and bad at, which she uses to help the Nijigasaki girls in their club activities. Even if she sounds rude with her words, people thank her for her help.

Even though Shioriko was against the Nijigasaki High School Idol Club, it is learned that she actually has a deep respect and passion for school idols and is willing to become one. This leads her to become the 10th member of the club.

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  • She has an older sister, Mifune Kaoruko.
  • She's the first character to join a Love Live! group after they have promoted as 9 members.
  • Nakasu Kasumi states that she always wears a white kimono while at home.