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All Stars 2nd Anniversary Celebration
Enjoy this incredible campaign that is coming for you.
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Newest Cards
[EVENT] Autumn Rain Club
[GACHA] Party Scouting

It Doubles as a Flashlight (Idolized) Icon.pngLike a Ship Out on a Stormy Ocean (Idolized) Icon.pngI'll Take Your Requests (Idolized) Icon.pngHey, It's That Legendary Movie! (Idolized) Icon.pngShh! Be Quiet (Idolized) Icon.pngThis Is Just like Paradise, Zura! (Idolized) Icon.png

I Feel like I Could Walk Forever (Idolized) Icon.pngI-It's Just the Sound of the Wind (Idolized) Icon.png

Newest Songs
Nijigasaki New Songs

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[EVENT] Autumn Rain Club


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[GACHA] Party Scouting

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[GACHA] 2nd Anniversary Free Scout 10


September Birthdays


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