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Konoe Kanata
Kanji 近江 彼方
Romaji Konoe Kanata
Year 3rd Year
Birthday December 16
Zodiac Sagittarius
Blood Type O
Height 158cm
Three Sizes B:85 W:60 H:86
Favorite Food Takoyaki
Disliked Food Bitter Melon
Hobbies Playing with her little sister
Kanata Signature.png
Kanata Icon.png
Nijigasaki Club Icon.png
QU4RTZ Icon.png
Japanese Voice Actress
Kanji 鬼頭 明里
Romaji Kitou Akari

Kanata Konoe is one of the 10 school idols in the Nijigasaki High School Idol Club. She is a third year at Nijigasaki High School. Her image color is maroon. She is a member of the subunit QU4RTZ.

She is voiced by Kitou Akari.


A third-year who just enrolled into Nijigasaki High School. Though passionate about cooking and doting on her younger sister, Haruka, Kanata battles against sleep when it comes to anything else. She also knows all the best spots to take a secret nap in Nijigasaki's campus.


Kanata is a very laid back and lazy girl. She constantly likes to nap and to sleep throughout the day, and even carries a pillow around with her if she can. Even though she may appear as if she's sleeping, she is actually awake and listening to the conversation around her. Even though she always seems tired, she's still motivated to be a school idol because of praises by her sister, Konoe Haruka, and others. She often says that her dream is to be able to take a nap with her audience during a live.

Kanata loves being doted on, but is still sisterly towards Haruka and loves looking after others, especially her fellow idols. She loves being a big sister and doing her best to watch over others. She's very diligent in the things that are important to her, and her grades are good despite how much she sleeps.

Videos + Gallery[]


Konoe Kanata Self-Introduction

Introduction Translation (Team ONIBE)
  • Everyone, good morning~ I'm Kanata-chan~
  • Fufu, today's Kanata-chan has more energy than usual...
  • I want to be the best school idol, and then my younger sister Haruka-chan will praise me...
  • And she'll respect me...
  • So, I worked hard on my self-promotion message...
  • If she could just read it...
  • Without a doubt...
  • Kanata-chan will win...
  • ...ah! I-I'm not sleeping...
  • But, I guess I should change the topic...
  • From now on, I'll show you my greatest charm...
  • Just for you, as much of my sleeping face as you want...
  • So, I'm looking forward to your support~
  • ...zzz


bold represents songs in-game.


  • She used to attend Shinonome Institute along with her sister, Konoe Haruka, who stayed there.
  • She loves laying down on the other girls' laps, and prefers Emma's over everyone else.