Hoshizora Rin

Hoshizora Rin (Idol 1)

Hoshizora Rin (Idol 2)

Hoshizora Rin (Uniform)

Kanji 星空凛
Romaji Hoshizora Rin
Year 1st Year
Birthday November 1
Zodiac Scorpio
Blood Type A
Height 155 cm
Three Sizes B:75 W:59 H:80
Favorite Food Ramen
Disliked Food Fish
Hobbies All Sports
Rin Signature
Rin Icon
Muse Icon
Lily white Icon
Japanese Voice Actress
Kanji 飯田里穂
Romaji Iida Riho

Rin Hoshizora, is one of the nine members of µ's. She is a first year in Otonokizaka High School. Her image color is yellow. She is a member of lily white, a sub-unit under µ's.

Description Edit

Rin is a first year high school student who is quite athletic and optimistic. She would rather take action and keep moving instead of sit and think. She will participate in anything, as long as it seems to be fun. She finds joy in helping and looking after others, especially her good friend, Hanayo. No matter what anyone says, she always gives practice her all.

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