September 27, 2019Edit

(19-09-27) 1 Million Downloads Notice
  • In commemoration of 1 Million Downloads, each player gets the following items:
    • 1 UR Confirmed Gacha Ticket
    • 50 Training Camp Tickets
    • 10 Live Candies [100%]

September 25, 2019Edit

  • To celebrate the release of the game, a "Release Commemoration Gacha" will be held!
    • 1 UR and SR for each of the µ's and Aqours girls, as well as 1 SR for each of the Nigigasaki Girls!
      • Click here for a list of the cards!
    • Each scout confirms at least one SR of any of the girls.
      • Each scout gives you Quarts as a reward!
(19-09-25) Login Reward Notice 2
  • To celebrate the release of Nijigasaki Academy School Idol Club's 2nd Album, "Love U my friends", log in to receive a bonus!
    • In total, 30 Loveca Stars and 3 Live Candy [50%]!
(19-09-25) Login Reward Notice 1
  • To celebrate the launch of Love Live! School Idol Festival! ALL STARS, login for 7 days to receive 50 Loveca Stars for the first 6 days and 150 on the last day, adding up to 450 in total!
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