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Karin Asaka, (朝香(あさか) 果林(かりん)) is one of the 12 school idols in the Nijigasaki High School Idol Club. She is a third year at Nijigasaki High School. Her image color is blue. She is a member of the subunit DiverDiva.

She is voice acted by Kubota Miyu.


A third-year student at Nijigasaki High School. She has looks and proportions unlike any high school student and has been an amateur model before. Karin is surprisingly stubborn in contrast to her mature appearance. She hasn't taken much seriously until now, but ever since becoming a school idol on a whim, she's really gotten into it.


Karin is very mature and gives off a rather seducing vibe. She can use this to her advantage, especially on the stage. However, don't let this fool you, sometimes she can let her cute personality surface. This happens the most when she's playing games. She often tries to tease underclassmen, or try to teach them how to be like her. Though, these lessons may end up failing when too much attention is put on her or someone responds innocently. As a result, Karin will often become flustered.

Even though she may appear cool, Karin can also be bother childish and anxious as well.


bold represents songs in-game.


  • In the Nine Battles of μ's VS Nijigasaki, Karin went up against Eli in the dance off. Both tied at 96 points, but Eli got more cheers from the crowd than Karin, giving a point to μ's.