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Asaka Karin
Kanji 朝香(あさか) 果林(かりん)
Romaji Asaka Karin
Year 3rd Year
Birthday June 29
Zodiac Cancer
Blood Type AB
Height 167 cm
Three Sizes B:88 W:57 H:89
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Japanese Voice Actress
Kanji 久保田 未夢
Romaji Kubota Miyu

Karin Asaka, (朝香(あさか) 果林(かりん)) is one of the 10 school idols in the Nijigasaki High School Idol Club. She is a third year at Nijigasaki High School. Her image color is blue. She is a member of the subunit DiverDiva.

She is voice acted by Kubota Miyu.


A third-year student at Nijigasaki High School. She has looks and proportions unlike any high school student and has been an amateur model before. Karin is surprisingly stubborn in contrast to her mature appearance. She hasn't taken much seriously until now, but ever since becoming a school idol on a whim, she's really gotten into it.


Karin is very mature and gives off a rather seducing vibe. She can use this to her advantage, especially on the stage. However, don't let this fool you, sometimes she can let her cute personality surface. This happens the most when she's playing games. She often tries to tease underclassmen, or try to teach them how to be like her. Though, these lessons may end up failing when too much attention is put on her or someone responds innocently. As a result, Karin will often become flustered.

Even though she may appear cool, Karin can also be bother childish and anxious as well.

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Introduction Translations

Yahoo— sorry I kept you waiting~♪ This video you mentioned, it’s meant to hype people up or something? We’re shooting in this classroom, right?

I’m entrusting my body and heart to you today, so make onee-san look pretty, OK?

Hm? What’s up? You look concerned. Eh? You thought I was going to wear a swimsuit?

Ah, right, that was a part of it… as if!

Look, if you showed my swimsuit-clad figure, the viewers would get rather excited, and that would be terrible, you know?

And・don't・for・get, a girl’s strongest weapon shouldn’t be deployed so easily. Its destructive power would be far too dangerous.

Ah~, or did you want to use my mature, sexy side as a selling point?

If that’s so… hmm. Should we be bold and shoot a kiss scene with just the two of us? Just kidd—what? You want to know how one should breathe while kissing? Th-that came out of nowhere.

My answer? W-well, uh, for now, I’ll pace my teaching slowly. Of course, it’ll just be practice, you know ♪

Anyway, it’s about time for us to start filming. Like you asked, I’ll be sure to show off plenty of my adult-like appeal!

translation by ganbaramen on tumblr

Hi~! I’m Karin Asaka! Pleased to meet you ♪

Hey, what kind of school idol do you like? What kind of live show would you like to see?

A super energetic kind? Or, a very cute one? What about a cool show?

Regardless of what your answer is, here’s what I want to show you…

Something only I can do: a veeeery stimulating show.

What do I mean by “stimulating”?

As・for・that, can’t you figure it out just by looking at me? Ufufu.

With my self-confidence, I’ll use this body to show you a sexy, passionate, dream-like, mature performance that’ll arouse everyone’s senses ♪

I definitely won’t let you regret it, so it’d make me happy to hear your zealous, fiery cheers.

I’ll be waiting for everyone’s passionate support. Ufufu ♪

translation by ganbaramen on tumblr

What made you decide to come to Dengeki Online?

Hmm… the word “Dengeki” sounds good. [TL: it translates to “electric shock”] It’s like it’ll bring a little shock to your heart and body, and that kind of stimulation is what I want to accomplish as a school idol.

Please describe your appeal point(s).

My adult-like manner, perhaps. I might not have the “cute girl” feeling of other idols, but I think that maybe I could bring the fans enjoyment with a more mature charm.

…for example, hopping and jumping around like a cute girl might not really suit me, but sexy dancing with my flexible body is fine too, right?

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

My greatest strength is dancing. Right now, every time I practice, I can feel that I’m getting better, so I put way too much effort into it. Afterwards, I might check up on how my posing and walking look in the mirror.

I want to be able to give everyone a little electric shock, so I hope that one day I’ll be able to say that posing is my specialty.

Oh, right! I also specialize in coordinating Western-style clothes. I’m good at making amazing outfits using cute cheap clothes!

What I’m bad at… umm… I’m not sure? I can’t think of anything in particular… If I had to say, maybe something like planning an aggressive wake-up visit?

What impressions do you have of Kasumi-chan and Setsuna-chan?

Well, however you feel about her, Kasumi is quite a character. She doesn’t get scared easily, she’s assertive, and she’s willing to just get up and leave in front of you. I do respect those parts of her. She’s always moving so restlessly, so she seems kind of like a cute small animal. I can’t help but think that if she bit you, it wouldn’t hurt at all, and instead it’d just be cute.

Setsuna seems like the quintessential school idol. Even though she already towers above the rest of us in singing and dancing, she’s always aiming ever higher and putting in so much effort. She doesn’t brag. While she’s younger than me, I think I’d like to learn to have that same attitude.

How do you spend your days off?

I like going to flea markets, I guess. You can find surprisingly good secondhand clothes and accessories, so I end up losing track of time. I enjoy the excitement of haggling over prices with the dealers as well.

At those kinds of places, there are a lot of street performers as well, right?

I like watching those performers too~ Being able to draw people’s attention in a short time is something that us school idols have to do as well, you know. So it’s very useful to see them work.

Please tell us which subjects you like and dislike.

I like science classes. The answers are clear-cut, and the methods and formulae are exact. You can derive the answers just by following the procedures—isn’t that wonderful?

Ah, but cooking classes are another one of my specialties. I’m well-known for what happens during cooking practice. Why? Fufu, something about aprons fitting me well ♥

I guess I’m a little bad at geography. Isn’t finding your way on a map kind of hard? Like when you’re sure you’re heading north, but then you realize you’re actually heading south… Maybe this is what it means to have a poor sense of direction?

Why did you decide to become a school idol?

When I started, it was because I wanted to build up my self-confidence… I suppose. School idols perform on stage looking incredible, like they’re enjoying themselves, and they seem full of confidence.

My thinking was that being able to hear everyone watching and supporting them must give them that confidence, and that’s why they can shine so brightly.

What animal would you compare yourself to?

Animal? Compare myself to an animal? Umm… how should I answer this…

An animal that resembles me… For this, it feels like something like a cat would definitely be a good answer, but it’s troubling in that I do wonder whether I really am like a cat… hmm… a civet? No, there aren’t really many people that know about them. Comparing myself to an animal… hmm… This is difficult!

What genre of music do you like?

I listen to everything, but if I had to pick a genre I like, maybe ballads. Listening to a ballad, you can really lose yourself in its mellowness, right? I like that kind of song.

Someday, I’ll be able to take my listeners into my own world like that too… I want to try singing that sort of song.

You usually show the image of a sexy and mature Karin-chan, but when do you unintentionally become childish?

Times when I become childish… maybe when I’m playing games. I’m not very good, but I easily become really serious about winning, so until I succeed, I pester whoever I’m with to let me try “just one more time!”.

Now that I’m looking at it from afar, it really is kind of embarrassing…

What must you work on every day, as someone who’s aiming to become a model?

Practicing posing and walking is, of course, important to do every day. Aside from that, perhaps the daily routine would include eating niboshi [TL: a dried sardine snack] and drinking milk. After all, it’s important to take care of what [your parents] took so much trouble to give birth to.

And before getting into the bath, make sure to stretch. Because in order to maintain your body’s softness, you need self-confidence.

Please tell us how excited you are for your upcoming activities.

Excitement, huh. Really, I feel like I look a little out of place. All the others look like adorable girls. Even when I was sitting in the waiting room, I thought “everyone looks so cute”.

But, my weapon is what makes me different from the others. Once I polish up my maturity and sexiness, I’ll captivate our fans. If you’re looking for cuteness… I’ll try with all my strength. To do that, I’ll aim to become the best!

translation by ganbaramen on tumblr


bold represents songs in-game.


  • In the Nijigaku dorms, she shares a room with Emma.
  • Her strength is dancing.
  • Her favorite subjects are science and home EC, while she dislikes geography.
  • In the Nine Battles of μ's VS Nijigasaki, Karin went up against Eli in the dance off. Both tied at 96 points, but Eli got more cheers from the crowd than Karin, giving a point to μ's.