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Chisato Arashi, (嵐千(あらし) 砂都(ちさと)) is one of the five idol members of Liella!. She is a first year at Yuigaoka Girls' High School and her image color is pink.

She is voice acted by Misaki Nako.


N/A (Not in game.)


Chisato is a very athletic girl, and originally entered Yuigaoka High School to dance. However, after meeting the other members of Liella!, she decided to become a school idol along with them.

She's childhood friends with Kanon. She works as a part-time worker at a takoyaki food truck.


Chisato is a sweet and friendly character with a gentle-appearing personality, though she has mentioned that she might seem a bit scary whenever she becomes angry. She loves going shopping and also loves cooking. Apparently, she keeps up with all the news and rumors flowing around within Yuigaoka.


bold represents songs in-game, or that were in-game.


  • Kanon's nickname for Chisato is "Chii-chan".
  • Chisato's rapping ability is shown on-screen often.
  • She is the shortest member of Liella!.